The Tradewinds trail is the longest (and best) trail in the rainforest

The trail head is at the very end of 191 at a locked gate that you should avoid blocking with your car when you park. In fact, lately they have been ticketing cars that don't park in the designated parking area which is about two blocks from the locked gate.

This trail is about a five hour hike to El Toro peak. If you plan in advance you can spot your car on the other side and hike through to road 186 where the rainforestinn is. We can help you with the car spotting. This trail goes through all the stages of the rain forest and can take seven to ten hours.


el toro trail sign post

On the drive into the rain forest recreation area you will pass by La Coca falls and without even needing to get out of your car you can take this picture and prove to the folks back home that you were in the rain forest. Or download this image to your printer and avoid the trouble of coming to Puerto Rico at all.

trade winds trail after dark

If you leave too late then sometimes you will be hiking well after dark before you finish the Tradewinds Trail.