The Bano de Oro trail where the tour buses go

A twenty minute hike on a paved trail. Almost like visiting the rain forest in Disneyland.

The bano de oro used to be a public swimming pool and joggers would jump in after the long jog up 191.

It was very refreshing but is now closed to the public (for swimming but you can still look at it). There are two abandoned concrete structures (they look like wells) near here that were built to stock the stream with trout. Fly fishing in the rain forest! Luckily that project didn't work out. There are native fish that look like piranhas and there are plenty of real shrimp that will nibble on your toes when you are swimming.


Sign at trail head of Bano de Oro

This trail head is across from the Palo Colorado visitor center where the large tour bus parking lot is. Don't be discourged though because this is also where you can hire a ranger to go on a well worth it guided hike.