The La Coca trail is not as crowded as some of the other main trails.

I highly recommend this hike. One of my favorite sections of the trail we have nick-named the "stair master from hell".

Notice the little yellow tag on the lower right corner of the trail head sign. It says "Carrillo Trail Closed". That trail is not really closed (it is still passable). There is another even bigger sign at the end of La Coca trail that says "venture beyond this point only at risk of certain death" or something like that. Ask me and I will make you a sketch of how to get to a hidden water fall that is at the base of a cliff and that can be reached only by going down an "Indiana Jones" style mud slide and going past the "certain death" sign.


el toro trail sign post

There used to be a banana plantation near here named "La Coca" so I'm afraid the name has nothing to do with that popular drug they make from leaves from a similar named tree in South America (actually there are some native variety of cocaine bushes in the mountains above Ponce).